The Arrival of Digital Cinema

Just as digital TVs deliver clearer, sharper images; the first fully digital audio systems are now delivering these same huge improvements to sound quality.

Steinway Lyngdorf has created a range of the world’s first fully digital surround systems that provide music and home cinema fidelity far superior to any alternatives.

These are the benefits unique to all Steinway Lyngdorf systems.

Crystal Clear Sound

By maintaining soundtracks digitally throughout their electronics, Steinway Lyngdorf home theatres add nothing and take nothing away from your recordings. The results are the world’s first true high definition systems that reproduce film and concert soundtracks precisely as they were recorded.

Incredible Power Discretely

The high volume level that films must be played at creates distortion in most loudspeakers. This reduces sound quality while making a system tiring and even harmful to listen to. Steinway Lyngdorf’s remarkable compact Model S speakers provide incredible power handling from tiny on-wall or in-wall speakers. The Grand Theatre range of speakers maintains this same crystal clear quality in cinemas with up to a 1000 listeners.

Assured Results, Every Time

The weakest links in even the most carefully designed cinema are created by the listening rooms’ acoustics. Steinway Lyngdorf’s unique speaker configurations combine with the world’s most advanced room correction system to deliver true high fidelity surround sound, every time without the need for specialist room treatments.


Experience The Future of Home Entertainment For Yourself

The extraordinary fidelity of Steinway Lyngdorf music and home cinemas is truly remarkable. Their ability to reproduce sound precisely as it was recorded, consistently in any room from tiny speakers is simply astonishing.

To experience the world’s finest music and home cinema for yourself, contact Gecko where a wide range of Steinway Lyngdorf audio systems including the Model D music systems and the Model M and Model S surround systems are on permanent show.