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To make the most of your film and TV requires a much bigger picture than flat screens sets provide. Home cinema projectors deliver the same quality as the best flat screens TV’s but much, much larger.

Here you can see a selection of photos with no digital enhancement taken in our demonstration rooms. These photos help show just how terrific large screen projection systems can be when the room and system have been correctly designed.

We’ve been designing and installing projection systems for 25 years but 10 foot has always been the largest screen size recommended. High definition projectors provide a resolution of 1080p or 2.2 megapixels. While this looks stunning on a TV, picture quality suffers as screen size increases and the pixels making up the image become visible.

The photos below illustrate what is now possible with a true 4k or 8.8 megapixel projector and the right projection screen.

The following are real, un-edited photographs taken in our home cinema demonstration facilities



Sky HD on a “4k” 12 foot wide screen
This image shows just how remarkable TV can be when viewed on a home cinema projector. The screen is 12 foot wide when viewing TV and 15 foot wide when viewing Widescreen content. The total projection system is the finest money can buy providing the ultimate picture quality from both TV and film. The cost with Sony’s remarkable 4k projector and 15 foot wide acoustically transparent screen is £19,995.



Sky HD on a 12 foot wide “4k” big screen projection system
The Sony VPL VW1000Es is currently the only home cinema projector capable of producing this picture quality. As the quality of the projector increases it is equally important that the correct projection material is used. Our fixed screen uses the finest 4k ready material available. This allows for pin sharp picture quality, a bright image thanks to its 120% gain. The best sound quality is also ensured as this is the most acoustically transparent screen available which allows for perfect placement of the centre speaker and invisible acoustic room treatment.



10 foot wide 2.35:1 Widescreen 1080p Home Cinema Projector System
This photo shows one of the big screen projection systems in Gecko’s showroom

Total projection system price with 4k ready acoustically transparent projection screen £4800.



7 foot wide 16 x 9 1080p Home Cinema Projector System
Taken at Gecko’s showroom with the M&K 150 speaker system as used by the world’s leading film makers. Total projection system with 4k ready acoustically transparent screen £3950.

Widescreen Projection



The pin sharp detail that only “4k” projectors provide
This photo was taken from Sky HD on a 12 foot wide screen. vailable which allows for perfect placement of the centre speaker and invisible acoustic room treatment.



Sky HD on a 15 foot wide screen 
This image shows the quality of Sky HD when played through Sony’s remarkable 4k projector.

This is the finest home cinema projection system available. Total cost with Sony’s 4k projector and a 15 foot wide acoustically transparent screen is £19,995.



2.2 Megapixels vs 8.8 Megapixels
This image nicely illustrates the difference between an image produced with a 2.2 megapixel (1080p) projector and one with an 8.8 megapixel (4k) resolution.

Home Cinema Installations – Anywhere

Gecko have been designing and installing home cinemas for 25 years. It’s not a small part of our business – it’s all we do!

With showrooms in Berkshire, the majority of our installations are in Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey, but we are happy to work nationwide and internationally.