The Ultimate Home Cinema

There are many surround systems available, but all are compromised by the same inherent problems. Analogue electronics reduce signal quality and add unwanted noise to recordings, speakers distort at high volume levels making systems tiring to listen to, while the acoustics of even the most carefully designed room will distort sound quality.

Steinway Lyngdorf has produced the world’s first fully digital surround systems. These packages provide a far higher level of fidelity than can be achieved by simply combining the best combination of source, amplifiers and speakers available.

As a fully digital solution, films and music are reproduced with nothing added or taken away. Innovative speaker configurations provide exceptional timing and dynamics while the worlds most advanced room correction system guarantees truly accurate results, every time.

There are simply no other surround systems in the world capable of reproducing the dynamics and volume levels required for watching movies and the fidelity and subtly required to perfectly reproduce jazz and classical music. For film and music lovers they are without equal.

Complete Steinway Lyngdorf surround systems start from £35,000. For private viewings or to schedule a home trial call Gecko on 07974 561073 or contact your local Steinway Lyngdorf representative.

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