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The Ultimate HiFi

The Holy Grail of hifi has always been to find a music system that will perfectly recreate live performance. With the arrival of Steinway Lyngdorfs model D music system, for the first time this dream is now fulfilled. Now you can enjoy all the passion and emotion of all your artists favourite performances in the… Read more »

Midway through the build July 2008

Building The Perfect Cinema

My Quest for the Perfect Music & Home Cinema Experience After 25 years of designing home cinemas for other people, in 2007 I was finally able to start building my own perfect listening rooms. Music has been my hobby since I was a teenager and my business for almost 30 years and so the construction… Read more »

Acoustic Room Treatment

The weakest link in any well designed music or home cinema system has always been the acoustics of the listening room. Well over half of what you hear is created by the reflected sound from the walls and surfaces in the room, which is why simply using the best equipment will not deliver the best… Read more »