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The Ultimate HiFi

The Holy Grail of hifi has always been to find a music system that will perfectly recreate live performance. With the arrival of Steinway Lyngdorfs model D music system, for the first time this dream is now fulfilled. Now you can enjoy all the passion and emotion of all your artists favourite performances in the… Read more »

The Arrival of Digital Cinema

Just as digital TVs deliver clearer, sharper images; the first fully digital audio systems are now delivering these same huge improvements to sound quality. Steinway Lyngdorf has created a range of the world’s first fully digital surround systems that provide music and home cinema fidelity far superior to any alternatives. These are the benefits unique… Read more »

The Ultimate Home Cinema

There are many surround systems available, but all are compromised by the same inherent problems. Analogue electronics reduce signal quality and add unwanted noise to recordings, speakers distort at high volume levels making systems tiring to listen to, while the acoustics of even the most carefully designed room will distort sound quality. Steinway Lyngdorf has… Read more »