Gecko Presents at Dolby Soho HQ


Gecko was proud to be invited to share their insight into the “Future of Home Cinema” with the UK’s leading home cinema installers. At an all-day event, in April 2015, presentations were given about the impact of 4k picture quality and Atmos 3D sound tracks in the home and at the cinema.

Dolby’s own 60 seater reference cinema was used to demonstrate the benefit of both technologies in commercial cinemas. To contrast this spectacular cinema, Gecko installed a small home cinema system to demonstrate how simply Dolby Atmos can be enjoyed in the home.

While both technologies are improving the enjoyment of cinemas, it is in the home where they can be enjoyed at their very best. With 4k projectors and Steinway Lyngdorf surround systems, picture and sound quality in the home easily surpasses that available in any commercial cinema.