The Best Surround Systems money can buy


A recent test of the best home cinema systems available has highlighted the fact that spending more on a system is no guarantee of performance.

Written by a consumer with 20 years’ experience of owning high quality home cinema systems, the article was written after his own research into the best performance and value for money currently available. After what must be the most extensive and thorough research ever, into the quest for the best in home cinema, his review makes fascinating reading.

If you’re looking to get the best value for money and quality available, this review is an essential read. 12 of the most highly regarded audio systems were tested, each at the same volume and with the same mix of stereo and surround sound test material. We believe this is the most extensive, independent review of high-end surround systems ever written.

To see which brands came out top in terms of performance, value for money and as an overall package, go to score on the last page.