About Gecko Home Cinema

In 1991 Gecko opened Europe’s first home cinema store. Since then we have led the way with all major technological breakthroughs, in a continual drive to improve the art of home cinema and become home cinema specialists.

In spite of our long history in the industry, we regard every system we design as an opportunity to exceed our clients’ needs. The ultimate performance remains our goal because the more convincing the picture and sound quality we deliver, the more pleasure and excitement you will derive from your music and films.

We continue to seek out the finest products in every sector so you don’t have to. As a result, when you choose Gecko you can be confident that every product we specify is the very best in class.

To demonstrate the superior performance of our systems and home theatre, we have constructed the UK’s only purpose-built listening rooms. Located in the peaceful Berkshire countryside – just 45 minutes from London – our showrooms combine the quiet required for critical listening with the privacy and understated elegance our clients expect.