Gecko History

Isn’t it nice when you find real home cinema experts? If you are looking for someone with real experience and passion for film and music, we can help.

Thirty years ago we opened the first home cinema store outside Hollywood; since then (almost) every working day has been spent in pursuit of perfect sound and vision.

The pleasure of a performance car, a fine meal or a well cut suit can be easily enjoyed by those who can afford them. Enjoying music and film at its best however, requires far more than the finest equipment.

Music and home cinema systems must be correctly specified, measured and corrected to match their environment. Without these critical steps, your money spent on quality components will be wasted.

After opening our first shop in Surrey our next showroom was on Chelsea’s Kings Road. While this was a great place for many of our clients from the TV and film industries, the location was too noisy for assessing the finest audio systems.

With the arrival of digital audio systems, a more peaceful environment was sought so that our clients could experience the benefits of this remarkable new technology at its best.

Nestled in the peaceful Berkshire countryside our new home had the large plot and quiet location necessary for the perfect listening rooms.

Now completed our showrooms are the fulfilment of a lifelong dream to combine the finest music and home cinema systems and the ideal environment in which to enjoy them.

They remain the only place in Europe where you can experience the world’s finest music and home cinema in the perfect environment, built and designed by home cinema experts.

Rob Sinden, Owner at Gecko Home Cinema