State of the Art Music & Film, Discreetly

Achieving life like stereo reproduction is something that eludes even the most expensive home cinemas.

This system was designed to demonstrate the finest music and film playback from a system that looks superb and can fit in to a regular lounge.

The installation is in the home of the owner of Seriously Cinema, a Hertfordshire based specialist that focuses on high performance audio and video systems. Since being installed it’s been very popular with people who don’t want a dedicated cinema room but are passionate about extracting the very best from their music, TV and movies. If you want to experience the current State of the Art in discrete audio, we’d highly recommend booking a visit.

This in wall system compromises of 5 x in wall 950 speakers at ear level and 4 in ceiling for Atmos. Exceptional bass quality and extension is provided with a pair of front X10 subwoofers and a pair of in wall 28 subwoofers at the rear of the room. If you thought in wall speakers were a compromise, this system will change your mind!

The finest quality electronics have also been used with Processing from the Lyngdorf MP50 with RoomPerfect and amplification by the Lyngdorf SDA2400’s.

The whole system is controlled by a simple Control 4 remote control which also operates the intelligent lighting system.