The Prettiest of Cinemas

Installation by: Overture Installations

A home cinema is something you expect in any luxury home. When you can afford life’s luxuries why would you want to queue at the local multiplex to watch the latest movie?

Home cinemas have now reached the point where the picture and sound quality achievable in the home is far better than that found in any commercial cinema. Just like a beautiful bathroom or kitchen, good design is the key to getting the most from your movies, TV and music.


The quality of this cinema is truly state of the art while also being a lovely, relaxing space to put your feet up and forget about the days worries.

The client is a film lover but is also a keen sportsman who loves to watch the big match with his friends at home on the big screen. These images show real photos taken on the stunning 16 foot wide screen. The picture quality speaks for its self but what you can’t appreciate is just how life like the surround system is.

The discrete M&K loudspeaker system is the same one used by Hollywood’s leading film makers when they make their movies. Using the same speaker in the home will more faithfully recreate what the film maker intended you hear.