Creating A Monster?


For years enthusiasts have tried to build the best audio systems by combining the best mix of amplifiers, speakers and source components. This approach can create great sound; however results are unpredictable with expensive systems often producing lack lustre results.

This is especially true with larger, more expensive speaker systems as room acoustics plays havoc with their performance. For anyone simply looking for great sound quality for their home, this has made finding a quality music or home cinema system a very frustrating experience.

In spite of what audio manufacturers and retailers promise, just buying the best equipment is simply no guarantee of good sound quality. What’s required is a new approach that incorporates both the equipment and the rooms’ acoustics for a complete, predictable solution. 

A Complete Solution to Audio Design

Steinway Lyngdorfs music and surround systems use an innovative new approach to audio and home cinema design that utilise the echoes that rooms create constructively. This approach allows compact speakers, to produce remarkable volume levels while the timing of the system is also dramatically improved.

Controlled by the world’s first fully digital audio systems, sound is reproduced with none of the noise and colouration found in conventional audio systems. When measured and corrected with RoomPerfect, the worlds most advanced room correction system, the end result is a level of fidelity and consistency that has never been possible in home audio.

Delivering higher fidelity from compact speakers and none of the trial and error associated conventional audio systems, Steinway Lyngdorfs systems set a new standard in home audio.