Gecko Home Cinema Demonstration Systems

We know you are busy but if you want to be certain of buying systems that will bring years of pleasure we need your input. Music and film are such personal things that before we can design the perfect system for you we have to completely understand your personal preferences so a visit to our dedicated home cinema demonstration systems will give us all we need.

A visit to our listening rooms and home cinema demonstration systems is the quickest way for you to experience the widest range of high performance music and home cinemas in Europe. Totally private and available 24/7 by appointment, whether your love is film or music we guarantee you will never have experienced it like this.

We choose only “best in class” components that provide exceptional performance and value for money. You will hear everything from jazz and classical music to dance music and the latest blockbusters.

If an audio system is truly accurate, it will play all content faithfully. Try this on other home entertainment systems and you will quickly expose their flaws.

At Gecko we demonstrate a wide range of systems that cannot be experienced elsewhere in Europe.

Here are the details of the music and home systems currently on demonstration, each of which will comfortably outperform any alternatives at the price. If you are planning a visit please contact us in advance to be certain the most appropriate systems for your project will be available for you to assess.