Home Cinema Projectors – The Sony 4k Difference

In 2013 Sony released the first 4k projector for the home. For the first time both the picture and sound quality of our home cinemas comfortably outperformed that of any commercial cinema.

Gecko’s listening rooms are the only place in the UK where you can see the full range of Sony 4k projectors at their very best. Set up in real living room environments, on the largest of screens and complimented by the world’s finest surround system, you will never have experienced picture or sound quality like it.

If you are considering buying a projection system, trust your own eyes to guide you. The only way to choose the perfect projector and screen size for your home is to see them for yourselves with a visit to Gecko’s unique listening rooms.

Below you can see real, unedited photos of the screens at Gecko that show the quality that can be achieved when the room and system have been correctly designed.


Italian Job 4k Sony projector



The systems we design are typically used for more than 3 hours every day. As they are used so much and by everyone in the home, the rooms we design rarely look like cinemas. Conventional seating is more relaxed and comfortable and makes viewing a more sociable experience.

Relax with your feet and we think you’ll agree that a well-designed system should be much more than a cinema; it should be the perfect place to enjoy all you music, TV and film.

Below you can see photos of our demonstration facilities. To experience music, film and TV as never before, please book a demonstration you’ll remember the rest of your life.

SCREEN SIZE – A very personal choice

Viewing distance and projector quality are critical to take into account when choosing the size of screen that’s right for you, but just as important is the quality of everyone’s eyes sight who will be watching the system.

The only way to be certain which is the perfect size for you and your family is to view them for yourself. Please, do your own research so you can be certain the system you choose will give you years of pleasure.


As the quality of the projectors increases, it is equally important that the correct projection material is used. Many screens described as 4k ready don’t allow the best picture or sound quality to be achieved.

Our fixed screens use the finest 4k ready material available. This allows for pin sharp picture quality, and a bright image thanks to its 120% gain. The best sound quality is also ensured as this is the most acoustically transparent screen available. While the screen you buy may seem unimportant, it truly is a critical component in any home cinema.


While we love Sony’s 4k projectors, the correct room design and preparation is still vital to ensure they will provide the best picture quality. Our listening rooms are designed to show you how to achieve the best sound and vision in a comfortable room that will compliment any home. Please take your time with this critical purchase and let us show you how to make the very best of your film and music.