The Finest Music System

Music Room 4 | The Finest Music System | Steinway Lyngdorf Model D systems – from £150,000

The “gold standard” in audio reproduction has always been the perfect reproduction of live music. Steinway Lyngdorf’s Model D is the finest music system and the first ever music system capable of achieving this.

With no loudspeaker cabinet to compromise the movement of the drive units, sound is reproduced with a speed and transparency that cabinet loudspeakers cannot match. As a dipolar loudspeaker they introduce music in to the room in all directions, just like a musical instrument. The openness and natural quality of sound this produces is quite unlike conventional audio system.

A true digital system, the Model D reproduces music with none of the noise and distortion of traditional audio systems. Calibrated with the worlds most advanced room correction system it is the world’s first audio system capable of deliver such extraordinary performance in virtually any room.

Since their arrival in 2009 the Model D music system has captivated and astonished composers, conductor, concert grade pianists and music lovers from around the world. If reproducing sound precisely as the live event is your goal, Steinway Lyngdorf Model D Music is without pier.