Home Cinema Installation

Once your room has been chosen and the correct layout of the system has been agreed, your system will need wiring and future proofing against any later additions. Expensive cables are not required, however their choice and placement is absolutely critical.

Gecko can wire your cinema for you or liaise with your electricians to provide them with the cabling and advice they need to install the cables. This approach ensures you will have the most expert, advice available, combined with the quickest, most cost-effective home cinema installation possible.

When the room has been wired and is fully decorated and dust-free, it’s time for your home cinema installation. The initial set up and calibration of most systems can typically be completed in a day. We then recommend that the system be used for 50 hours before the final calibration. This run-in period is essential to allow your speakers and projector to run-in before final adjustment.

Most people considering a home cinema installation have an existing room that must be optimised for the best sound and vision. Because of the speaker solutions we specify, typically little or no acoustic treatment will be required for optimal sound quality.

Where rooms do require acoustic treatment the cost for this in most rooms is typically less than £300 and can be installed invisibly so you will have a free hand on how your room will look.

Our installation service is remarkably affordable and is your best guarantee of getting the most from the system you have purchased. To see the quality of our installations for yourself, contact Gecko to schedule a visit to the UK’s most advanced home cinema showrooms.

Home Cinema Installations – Anywhere

Gecko have been designing and installing home cinemas for 25 years. It’s not a small part of our business – it’s all we do!

With showrooms in Berkshire, the majority of our installations are in Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey, but we are happy to work nationwide and internationally.