Holiday Homes

Gecko designs home cinemas and music systems for projects all around the world, with plenty of experience when it comes to holiday home cinema. The acoustic challenges these spaces create vary tremendously depending on the materials and construction techniques used from country to country, and the nature of the system that is required.

Holiday Home Cinema

When designing a holiday home cinema, and where sound quality is critical it is essential that the acoustics of the environment are addressed at the earliest stage and so that equipment specification and the rooms design can be considered as one. Many rooms that are marked on plans for a home cinema or listening room will never allow great sound to be enjoyed. Minor changes in a room’s layout or orientation will often be all that’s necessary to ensure whatever system is used will provide best results.

Holiday Home CinemaAs ever, the initial design and planning of spaces is just as important as the products used. The exact same equipment used in a UK property will sound very different in a home in Spain or Greece.

If in doubt please contact us at the earliest opportunity.

The acoustic design of small rooms for high performance film and music reproduction is a highly specialist skill that Gecko has been developing for many years