Multimedia Room

Cinema 2 | Multimedia Room | Steinway Lyngdorf 6.6.4 Dolby Atmos System with 4k Widescreen Projection system. Complete surround systems from £45,000 – £75,000

Not everyone wants to convert a room to get the most from their movies. If you thought the finest audio quality required big loudspeakers and treated listening rooms, this multimedia room system demonstrates this is simply no longer the case.

Steinway Lyngdorf systems combine a range of patented technologies that ensure a level of performance and consistency that no other systems are capable of.

We believe a high performance home cinema should also be an exceptional music system. Steinway’s model S loudspeaker system are one of the only speaker system in the world that are found in both award winning audiophile music systems and state of the art home cinema.

This system is nothing short of revolutionary and is our recommendation for the most discerning of listeners.