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A new standard in audio quality

Whatever hifi system you have, its quality will be severely compromised by your listening room. The size and shape of your room will dramatically change the sound of your speakers so that your music sounds nothing like the live performance.

Lyngdorf’s RoomPerfect removes the errors created by your room so you can you can enjoy your music as it was intended. Comparing your music played through a Lyngdorf amplifier with RoomPerfect to the same music played through a traditional amplifier is a revelation.


The typical errors created by the listening room will mean one note played on a piano will be heard 4 times louder than another. With RoomPerfect this 20db variation is reduced to less than 2db.

The world’s only audiophile room correction, RoomPerfect is unique in providing a three dimensional solution to a three dimensional problem. Over 15 years in development over 50 elements of its design are protected by one of the audio industries most advanced patents.

From this to this in 10 minutes!


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Room Perfect – Why your music deserves it

Room Perfect – How to set it up

Recent Feedback

“What this amplifier was able to do in an empty room was nothing short of amazing”

“With the RoomPerfect engaged the sound was just transformed”

“Some out there may be sceptical. Arrange a demo. You’ll soon change your mind”

“It adds such depth and warmth to the music, it makes you want to listen to stereo again”

“The bass was transformed and I could identify each different instrument played, the vocals were so clear it was like the singers were standing right in front of you”

“I was actually taken aback at how good the little speakers sounded.”

“I could not believe my ears when RoomPerfect was turned on. It transformed the sound”

“I was honestly stunned by the sound produced in that room”

“This is an audio bargain”

“I just don’t see how anyone hearing this could not be impressed by it”

“The A/B dem of the RoomPerfect from the adjoing room was remarkable. With RoomPerfect turned on it simply sounded as if there was a live performance next door!”

Compare these unique benefits

CLARITY – By amplifying your music digitally, sound is reproduced with none of the distortion inherent in analogue amplifiers. Place a TDA in your music system and you will be removing dozens of analogue components from the single path. The result is sound reproduced with unparalleled clarity.

POWER – Turn up the volume on an analogue amplifier and unwelcome noise is introduced. The digital TDA can run at full volume level with no hint of strain or distortion. This sleek, compact amplifier will comfortably drive the largest of loudspeakers providing superior sound quality than can be achieved with a rack of electronics.

CONSISTANCY – The weakest link in any quality audio system is the acoustics of the listening room. As the TDA works digitally, very high fidelity room correction can be implemented that will ensure what you hear in your room is everything your speakers are capable of. With over 50 elements covering one of the audio world’s most extensive audio patents, RoomPerfect provides a breakthrough in the quality and consistency of sound reproduction.

CONNECTIVITY – The standard amplifier has 6 digital and 2 analogue inputs. Extra inputs can be added for a direct USB connection, 4 video devices with HDMI and a higher quality analogue input. This wide range of connections makes the TDA the perfect choice to serve as the heart of a stereo audio visual system.

VERSATILITY – Whatever speakers you use, they will sound better controlled by the TDA. From the largest floor standing speakers, to discrete sub satellite combinations and in wall speakers, nothing will make your speakers and subwoofers sing like the TDA.

HOME TRIAL – The Lyngdorf TDAi2170 is a revolutionary product that makes superb sound available from a diverse range of loudspeakers. We will soon be launching a range of total music solutions based around this remarkable product.

VALUE FOR MONEY – Steinway Lyngdorf systems deliver a level of fidelity that no other music or home cinema systems can provide. Until now, the price of these systems has meant this quality of audio has been beyond the reach of most music lovers.

Lyngdorf Audio brings many of the benefits of Steinway Lyngdorf systems to a much wider audience. Don’t be deceived by their simple, compact design. This elegant product replaces a high quality pre amplifier, D/A Convertor, room correction system and power amplifier.

The “basic” TDA with RoomPerfect starts from around £2,000.