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Room Treatment – This Year’s Snake Oil?

Buying great audio equipment doesn’t guarantee great sound. Your room will make huge changes to the sound of your speakers which prevents you from enjoying your music and movies at their best. As the room creates the problem, designing and treating it seems logical, but no matter how carefully this is done, you room will… Read more »


Installers are familiar with using acoustic treatment in home cinemas. But is it always required? Rob Sinden, founder of distributor Gecko Home Cinema, presents the case against (some) treatment.  When you install a good audio system, the weakest link in sound quality is typically the way the room changes the sound of the speakers. There are… Read more »

Digital Vs Analogue Audio

The Loudness War – Digital Vs Analogue And why in the majority of instances analogue vinyl beats digital (most unfortunately) By Nigel Archer SUMMARY, Digital Vs Analogue: EAR FATIGUE: It has been scientifically proven that the predominant cause of listener EAR FATIGUE is INTERMODULATION and HARMONIC DISTORTION. CLIPPING of the audio signal produces and is a… Read more »