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Feedback from IFA 2016 Berlin, Germany

by Neil Charger, The Audio Visual Blog I have received a great many requests from you fine gentlemen and ladies for my opinions and feedback regarding highlights of what I discovered and/or learned from IFA in Berlin a few days ago. And for those of you who are not in the know, I will be… Read more »

Digital Vs Analogue Audio

The Loudness War – Digital Vs Analogue And why in the majority of instances analogue vinyl beats digital (most unfortunately) By Nigel Archer SUMMARY, Digital Vs Analogue: EAR FATIGUE: It has been scientifically proven that the predominant cause of listener EAR FATIGUE is INTERMODULATION and HARMONIC DISTORTION. CLIPPING of the audio signal produces and is a… Read more »

5 Best Home Cinema Movies 2014

2014 has seemed to demonstrate like no year before, that the box office success of any film is dictated in most part by its ability to dupe the buying public with trailers and promotional campaigns. If anybody has seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2 you’ll remember your disappointment upon realising that some of the content you’d… Read more »