An Oriental Treasure

Installation by: Full Spectrum

This London Town House recently underwent a complete makeover to create a more open plan space.

An intelligent lighting system was included as part of the renovation to make the most of the home and garden in the evenings. The gardens Oriental theme was mirrored in this room which serves as the main entertainment space in the property.


The photos show the room before and after the system is switched on.


The client was keen for the audio system to provide truly exceptional stereo and surround system. A Steinway Lyngdorf system was recommended by the designer of the system who is a trained studio engineer and one of the most exacting audio designers in the CI sector.


Steinway Lyngdorf Model S system provides a level of surround sound performance that no other combination of components can achieve. Unlike most surround systems this audio system is also a multi award winning stereo system. The Model S system is highly coveted by truly audiophile publications such as The Absolute Sound. This magazine has awarded the Model S system the “Editor’s Choice” for 4 years running.