A Cotswold Barn Reborn

Installation by: Revolve C.I.

This beautiful barn is part of a listed property in the Cotswolds. A dark, very solid building it was the obvious space in the home for a new entertainment system.

Revolve are Bristol’s leading designer of high performance music and home cinema systems. As the majority of projects they are involved with are in period properties, the installation team provide a full building, electrical and decorating service.


The clients had a home cinema system in the previous property which got little use because of its underwhelming performance. A visit to Gecko’s demonstration rooms was arranged to demonstrate the incredible performance of home cinemas that is possible with the right design and equipment.

After auditioning three different cinemas an M&K 300 7.4.4 Dolby Atmos system was decided upon.


M&K’s 150 loudspeakers are the monitors used every day in the production of most Hollywood Blockbusters. The new 300 loudspeaker system provides even higher quality the 150’s combined with much greater efficiency. The result is very compact speaker system that will effortlessly fill the largest of rooms.

Since the installation of this superb cinema it has been used on average for more than 3 hours everyday.