The Ultimate Cinema

Installation by: Sceptre Properties

In 2012 the owner of a property development company came across a site that he felt held the potential for a very special home.

The Sausage Factory was a Victorian property built right next to a tube station close to London’s financial district. While the area was booming with the construction of new riverside properties, this building offered the potential for a unique alternative.


In addition to containing the latest automation, lighting and control, a key part of the property was to be the installation of a state of the art music and home cinema.

For most people a high end home cinema is something of a novelty however Sceptre Properties managing director has owned many high end cinemas over the last 20 years as is a true expert on the subject.

While the cinema system had to provide exceptional performance it also had to add value to the property.


This led to probably the most thorough and in depth assessment of high end home cinema systems ever undertaken. The companies own research on the available systems can be read below:


Perhaps what is more interesting is that the owner of the property then hosted open days for the press and fellow music and film lovers to come and audition what a truly state of the art home cinema is capable of.

The feedback of the Steinway Lyngdorf Model S system that was installed can be read below:

Steinway Lyngdorf Model S Feedback