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Gecko are Europe’s leading designers and installers of high performance home cinema and music systems.

If you want to enjoy your film, TV and music at its best, you’ll find our high end cinema and top of the range audio systems are without equal.

Our clients are incredibly discerning and include many celebrities, musicians and professionals from the film and TV industry. On average, these very busy people use the systems we install for them more than 3 hours every day.

We love films, but cinemas are not the best place to enjoy them.

Gecko Home Cinema's home cinema and listening demo room.

Gecko Home Cinema’s home cinema demo room.

This is why we have spent 30 years perfecting the art of reproducing sound and vision at its best.

Every day you’ll find us designing, demonstrating, installing and just watching the world’s finest home cinemas. No one has our experience which is why no one can create systems that bring so much pleasure from your music, film and TV.

There’s nothing like going to a concert, but sometimes you simply want to enjoy your favourite band at home.

Our audio systems and home cinema audio are the loudest, clearest, most life like audio systems you will ever hear. While they are a great place to enjoy your music we believe the finest music quality should be enjoyable in many rooms.

If you love music and film, visit Gecko and let us show you just how incredible it can be.