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Italian Job 4k Sony projector

Home Cinema Projectors – The Sony 4k Difference

In 2013 Sony released the first 4k projector for the home. For the first time both the picture and sound quality of our home cinemas comfortably outperformed that of any commercial cinema. Gecko’s listening rooms are the only place in the UK where you can see the full range of Sony 4k projectors at their… Read more »

Midway through the build July 2008

Building The Perfect Cinema

My Quest for the Perfect Music & Home Cinema Experience After 25 years of designing home cinemas for other people, in 2007 I was finally able to start building my own perfect listening rooms. Music has been my hobby since I was a teenager and my business for almost 30 years and so the construction… Read more »

The Ultimate Home Cinema

There are many surround systems available, but all are compromised by the same inherent problems. Analogue electronics reduce signal quality and add unwanted noise to recordings, speakers distort at high volume levels making systems tiring to listen to, while the acoustics of even the most carefully designed room will distort sound quality. Steinway Lyngdorf has… Read more »


Home Cinema Projectors – Gecko

To make the most of your film and TV requires a much bigger picture than flat screens sets provide. Home cinema projectors deliver the same quality as the best flat screens TV’s but much, much larger. Here you can see a selection of photos with no digital enhancement taken in our demonstration rooms. These photos… Read more »

Home Cinema Solutions for Contemporary Interiors

Contemporary interior design has created areas where it has been impossible to enjoy music and film at its best. The “live” acoustics of hard floors, large expanses of glass and fewer soft furnishing has resulted in rooms that ruin the performance of conventional audio systems. Steinway Lyngdorf’s audio systems are truly revolutionary. Designed in Denmark… Read more »