Steinway Lyngdorf Model S

Here are a variety of quotes from recent visitors to a state of the art home cinema in London housing the Steinway Lyngdorf Model S.

You can also download a review of the system by Absolute Sound using the link below (new window, PDF file)

The Absolute Sound Steinway-S-Series-Review

Completed in the summer of 2013, once installed the client invited fellow home cinema lovers to come and experience this exceptional system. The people who attended all own their own home cinemas making them one of the most discriminating audiences possible.

Steinway Lyngdorf Model S

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“The depth of thought that has gone into every aspect of the home design is brilliant. It’s an audio and visual treat”

“The wall of sound was beyond what words can describe. You have to experience what a Steinway Lyngdorf home cinema set up can do. The clarity at such amazing volume levels was stunning”

“I’m absolutely lost for words”

“The classical tracks were simply stunning. The clarity, dynamics, and sheer impact were astonishing but it’s the detail and realism of the instruments that is truly special. I sat there with my eyes closed and my spine tingling in sonic heaven”

“I would say that that is the best £100k ever spent on a home cinema”

“The cinema room has to be seen to be believed. Attention to detail is first class. You could almost believe the band or orchestra were actually in the room with you!”

“The Steinway system easily out performs a commercial cinema. The bass from Tron was earth shattering. I’m surprised my fillings didn’t come loose! 

“Nothing draws attention to itself, other than the sheer quality of the installation – the bass isn’t overbearing, the treble isn’t too bright or wearing, the visuals are crystal clear… Even after a couple of hours of film there was no listening fatigue whatsoever…. it was just ‘right’.

“A quite epic room”

“The Steinway Lyngdorf system gets better each time I hear it. It just gets everything right.”

“It’s shocking that more home cinema professional installers and reviewers don’t put the Steinways on the pedestal they deserve”

“I can only echo what has been said – a totally silent sound floor, inky blacked out walls that disappear and perfect audio clarity. With unbelievable volume and a vast spacious soundstage it’s basically everything you could ever possibly want from a cinema and then some.”

“Simply an amazing set up; stunningly thought out and put together.”

“I struggle to see how it can get any better!

“The combination of silenced Sony 4k projector (being in the adjacent room behind a slightly expensive piece of glass), screen and electrically adjustable borders means that picture quality is excellent with pretty much pitch black around it. The 7.4-channel Steinway Model S fits right in in terms of looks, quality and sonic performance, and the eight 12″ subs – can easily make you wonder whether there’s an actual earthquake.”

“Not only did it sound incredible but the visuals from the Sony 4K projector were stunning.”

“This really is an inspiration showing what can be achieved by doing things right from the start, without pandering to expensive room acoustic treatments or many other “musts” which apparently aren’t musts at all!?

“The introduction to the film Bolt was completely insane. Insert your own expletive xxx. The impact from the subs is exceptional. Well, just about everything the SL system does is exceptional. Couple that performance with the meticulously detailed room and you are in AV nirvana, it’s as simple as that.”

“A 4K projector and content in a silenced, blacked out room with a massive SL system makes this probably one of, if not the best cinema in the world at this moment in time?”

“I can’t say enough just how good this system is.”

“Nigel’s attention to detail is amazing. Whoever buys the place can be confident that it’s built as well as it could possibly be and that sitting in the cinema will just make the stress of any day melt away”

“I don’t know what else to say, other than if you get a chance to experience it do go along and see for yourself, I really don’t know how it could get any better!! “

“I have never heard music reproduced by any system like that before. Simply stunning.”

“Makes normal systems pale into insignificance. This is a top end system that sets a very high benchmark of Everest proportions”

“If you have the budget this is a no brainer choice. The room is simply incredible. It spoils you for anything else. How such small speakers go so loud defies the laws of physics.”

“What blew me away, literally, was the music reproduction. I can honestly say that I have never ever heard any system reproduce music like that.”

“I have been into home cinema for 20 years now and have heard some stunning setups in my time. I can assure all that this is the best cinema I have ever experienced period.”

“I just can’t get over how visceral an experience you get from the SL system, the clarity and chest thumping/trouser flapping/hair parting you are presented with and yet it is not at all fatiguing.”

“The sound from his setup is mind blowing. I’ve never heard anything so powerful and so clear. You could feel your insides rattling with the thundering bass on the movies. On the music dems, every instrument was crystal clear and the acoustic guitar at the end of Tubular Bells was incredible…. it felt like you were actually there.”

“This cinema is not just about organ bruising bass, the clarity and definition this system can produce is jaw droopingly good.”

And finally from the review in Home Cinema Choice, December 2013 by Editor Mark Craven

“I was blown away…….astonishing performance”

“Full range performance with breath taking scale, dynamism and accuracy”

“The scale of the soundstage and the finesse of the higher frequencies proved astonishing”

“Astonishingly potent”